God Doesn’t Need To Fix This (Thoughts on the Mass Shooting in CA)

God Isn't Fixing This I know I’m a day behind on this, but I only have a few things to say about this headline. Several of these thoughts I received from listening to Dr. James White’s Dividing Line episode from yesterday. The world is still coming to grips with the attacks in San Bernadino, CA this week where 14 people were killed and 21 others were injured in a mass shooting. The world was trying to figure out how this happened. As more details of this case emerge, it appears more and more likely that this is a case of terrorism, with the FBI treating it as such when evidence suggested that the wife had been radicalized by ISIS.

Yesterday, before the news that this shooting had links to ISIS The Daily News out of New York published a headline that read “God Isn’t Fixing This; As latest batch of innocent Americans are left lying in pools of blood, cowards who could truly end gun scourge continue to hide behind meaningless platitudes.”

Who are you, Daily News, to tell God what He needs to fix?

God is not answerable to you. God is not answerable to us Christians, either. God is answerable only to Himself. While we would love to see an end to all violence, God has ordained these attacks to take place for His glory. The only obligation that God has is to glorify Himself, and He can, and will, accomplish it through events like what happened in CA. How dare you question God and His motives?! God does as He pleases. Just because you, in your secular humanist mindset, cannot understand the providence of God does not mean He is being unjust or unloving. These weren’t “innocent Americans” who died. There are no innocent people when they stand before a holy, righteous, and blameless God. They were sinners just like you and I, and God would be perfectly just to strike me down as I type this. If God wants to use the evil deeds of evil men (and women) with guns to exact his righteous judgement here on earth, He has the right to do it. Our jobs as Christians isn’t to try to figure out why God allows things like this to occur. Our jobs as Christians is to help clean up and to be there to help support the families as they grieve, and to pray for them. That leads me to my second thought…

Prayers are meaningless platitudes?

Psssst… Your secularism is showing… I get it, you don’t believe in the efficacy of prayer, but isn’t that what you do day after day after day when you cry out to your god, Big Government, to come legislate your problems away? On this, however, Daily News, we agree a little bit. Unless these politicians you are pointing out are truly men of prayer, their thoughts are pointless. There are countless people out there that are absolutely not Christians and are absolutely NOT praying, or at least not praying to the only God that can hear, that are “sending thoughts and prayers.” Just to point out your hypocrisy, however, how many times has your savior Barack Obama sent his thoughts and prayers? Do you really think he’s praying? To my brothers and sisters who say “sending my thoughts and prayers,” I get it, it sounds nice, but unless you truly intend on sitting down and praying, stop telling people you will.

Besides that, every Christian who prays understands that prayer works. Prayers are answered. Each and every one of them. Just because they aren’t answered exactly how we want them to be answered doesn’t mean God isn’t listening or exercising His will through our prayers.  This goes back to God being answerable only to Himself. Our prayers must always be done with the understanding of this. Our prayers must seek to glorify Him in every way. If we pray and only ask for stuff the way we want it with no appeal to His will, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. God is pleased to answer prayers and will ALWAYS say yes to them… If they are in accordance to His will.

In conclusion: Daily News… We get it, you’re edgy, you swing far left, and you are secular (hear you roar). We get it, you want guns taken away. We get it, you want the shootings to stop (so do we), but that is never going to happen. These kinds of events will continue to take place because we have a sin problem in this world. There was a time when sin was frowned upon. Now, it is celebrated, rejoiced in, and legalized. If you don’t think God is just in allowing these attacks to take place around our country, pick up a Bible and look at all the sins that God detests the most. The sins that God nearly completely wiped out Israel over. These are the sins that our world has embraced and are clinging to.

We are blessed that we have a patient God. We are also blessed that we have a merciful God who has predestined His elect for glory, and we know that as long as His church is on earth, the earth will continue to spin until His final consummate return. When He returns, all evil will be permanently crushed and His people will live with him in glory. Praise be to God for His mercy, love, and peace. Let us continue to pray for the families of those who have and will lose their lives in these dark days.

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