Discernment vs Nit-picking

I’ve been told that I nit-pick the lyrics of songs too much. I will be listening to a Christian song, and I will point out theological errors and even heresies that seem to be pervasive in contemporary Christian music. Regulative Principle of Worship aside, singing these songs in a corporate worship setting is impossible for me, because when Read more about Discernment vs Nit-picking[…]

Unity – Can We Find It?

There is a quote on unity that my particular Presbyterian denomination (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) utilizes. “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” This quote has oft been attributed to many different folks ranging from Philip Melancthon to John Wesley and all the way back to St. Augustine. Although all of these men Read more about Unity – Can We Find It?[…]

God Doesn’t Need To Fix This (Thoughts on the Mass Shooting in CA)

 I know I’m a day behind on this, but I only have a few things to say about this headline. Several of these thoughts I received from listening to Dr. James White’s Dividing Line episode from yesterday. The world is still coming to grips with the attacks in San Bernadino, CA this week where 14 people were Read more about God Doesn’t Need To Fix This (Thoughts on the Mass Shooting in CA)[…]

Is your faith childlike or childish?

At first glance, it may seem that the two words, “childish” and “childlike” are synonyms. Don’t both have the attributes of an adult with qualities relating to the behaviors, thoughts, and actions of a child? Absolutely, they do. The difference is startling if you actually take a look at the Merriam-Webster dictionary: Childlike – adjective – resembling Read more about Is your faith childlike or childish?[…]

Kicking and Screaming – Calvinism Misconceptions Pt. 2

Objection to Effectual Calling When talking about irresistible grace (the I in TULIP) with an Arminian, you are likely to ruffle a feather or two. You see, they believe that man must cooperate with grace. Essentially, the thought is that God extends His grace to everybody and those who accept it in faith are now in Read more about Kicking and Screaming – Calvinism Misconceptions Pt. 2[…]

The Fruits of Biblical Illiteracy

According to usgovernmentspending.com, the US (state and federal governments) spent about $922.6 billion on education in 2015. It is clear that education is an extremely important aspect for the American family. In fact, we’re willing to shell out tens of thousands of dollars or more per year per child to send them to the best Read more about The Fruits of Biblical Illiteracy[…]

Don’t Give Sin A Cozy Home

Jesus Casting Out Demons When we think about some of the signs that Jesus performed, one of the things we think of is casting out of unclean spirits and demons. There is the instance in Mark 1:21 in Capernaum on the Sabbath, and even more famously, Mark 5 where he casts out the demons called “Legion” Read more about Don’t Give Sin A Cozy Home[…]

What Are Justification and Sanctification? by Guy Waters | Ligonier Ministries Blog

The words justification and sanctification have largely fallen out of use in Western culture. Sadly, they are also fading from sight in the Christian church. One reason this decline is distressing is that the Bible uses the words justification and sanctification to express the saving work of Christ for sinners. That is to say, both terms lie at the heart of the biblical Read more about What Are Justification and Sanctification? by Guy Waters | Ligonier Ministries Blog[…]

Gospel Magnet

The Magnetic Gospel

I was watching a video with John Gerstner and he was explaining the parallel between his job as a teenager in a factory where he had to separate different metals into different boxes. Copper goes into one box, steel goes into another box, etc. He got the idea to grab a large industrial-powered magnet to Read more about The Magnetic Gospel[…]